About The Show

No matter how large or small your function, the Rokky Horror Tribute Show can be tailored to meet your particular requirements.  We will work with you to customise your event.

100% LIVE Band or digital playback – song & dance, audience participation and tongue-in-cheek humour
are the prime features of the show.

To achieve this, and potentially extend sets within your event, three scenarios are available:

1) Rokky Horror Tribute:
(Up to 1 x 60 mins)

Here the cast centre on paying tribute to the well known and much loved songs & characters (see below) from the theatre show and movie.

Fully costumed & performed with live vocals, this Show recreates the risqué feel of a theatre show whilst essentially being delivered as a live music gig, interspersed with our own brand of innuendo, double-entendre and dialogue inspired by the original show.

2) Meet Loaf in The Rokky Horror Tribute Show:
(1 x 60 or up to 2 x 50 mins)

As above in 1), but with the added advantage of Terry Nash, The World Class Tribute to Meat Loaf playing the part Meat actually played in the film and original stage production:

‘Eddy’ – Dr Frank’s earlier creation.

In true tribute style, Terry opens the show with a short selection of the classic hits of Meat Loaf, and then moves on to introduce the other  Rokky characters. He narrates, performs as ‘Eddy’, and later appears as Dr Scot. With an extensive catalogue of further Meat Loaf songs and classic Rock n Roll to choose from, this show can take you and your clients on a power-packed show that extends beyond ‘Rokky’ alone.

3) The Rokky Horror Rock ‘n’ Roll Show
(1 x 60 or up to 2 x 50 mins)

All of the classic songs, characters, and tongue-in-cheek humour featured in show 1) above, but with the added bonus of classic Rock ‘n’ Roll songs, e.g. Johnny B Goode, Great Balls Of Fire, Shake Rattle & Roll, Jailhouse Rock…, to allow for  extended sets & dancing the night away.

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